Hook Norton Images

Hook Norton is a village on the edge of The Cotswolds some 20 miles north west of Oxford and 10 miles south west of Banbury. However, the nearest town is Chipping Norton, some 6 miles to the south east. The population is roughly 2600. In the past the village was well known for its ironstone works and the Banbury and Cheltenham District Railway which served the station. Sadly all that remains of the latter, which finally closed in 1964, are the stone pillars that supported the two viaducts to the south of the village. Evidence of the ironstone works is a little harder to find, but some still remains. Hook Norton Brewery, which was founded in 1849, is, however, still going strong producing a variety of beers which have worldwide renown. In late 2017 a book titled The Story of Hook Norton was produced on behalf of the Local History Group by Hooky author Sean Callery. The site owner David McGill was pleased to have been asked to supply some of the modern images for the book. This web site shows a selection of photographs from the the village. More information can be obtained by contacting David - info@davidmcgill.co.uk